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Fariy Godmothers

Which Airline will I be flying with?

All flights booked with Walt Disney Travel Company, will be with the airline carrier selected at time of booking.

Can I choose specific airlines, flights and times?

Yes, as long as we have a contract with the requested carrier or it's one we are using as a preferred carrier.

In the UK, which terminal will I be flying from?

All departure information will be included within your Travel Documentation which you will recieve approixmately 14 days prior to departure.

Can I Check- in online?

It is possible to check-in online but please note restrictions and exceptions vary between airlines, so we recommend you visit the airline carriers individual website for the most up to date information.

How long is the check-in time?

We suggest checking in a minimum of 3 hours before departure and being at the departure gate at the required time. Please visit your airline carriers website for further information.

What is the luggage allowance ?

Luggage allowance can differ dependant on your airline carrier. You should check with your airline or refer to your documentation for specific baggage rules.

Should fragile or valuable items be stored in hold luggage?

No, these should be packed in hand luggage. If this is not possible, please consider whether it is essential to take the items. If items are placed in hold luggage, it is unlikely you will be covered by any travel insurance and equally we will not be able to accept any liability.

What extra security procedures are in place?

The security checks at airports around the world have increased considerably. Expect suitcases to be scanned before check-in, hand luggage X-rayed and manually searched, and a further security check at the boarding gate. These checks vary day to day and airport to airport. Therefore we recommend you leave in plenty of time to allow for these.

What liquids (i.e. gels, lotions, pastes etc) can I take on board?

Passengers may carry a limited quantity of liquids, i.e. gels, lotions, pastes, liquid cosmetics, foams and foodstuffs in their hand baggage when going through UK airport security checkpoints. Details of exact quantities is stated at security.

What can I include in my hand luggage?

Stringent security measures are in place at all UK airports. For the most up to date information on hand luggage restrictions including liquid, gel and electrical items we recommend you visit the airline carriers or departure airport website.

Are electrical items or aerosols allowed in hold luggage?

As these items are generally not required for during a journey they can be placed within hold luggage. We recommend that they are carefully packed in the centre of the case wrapped in something to protect them.

If I am flying with Virgin Atlantic, can I select my flight seat?

All seats in the Economy cabin (except extra legroom and exit row seats) can be selected free of charge once check in opens, 24 hours before flight departure. All passengers need to do is check in online at If they’re unable to check in online, seats will be allocated when they check in at the airport. Virgin Atlantic will also make sure that every child is seated next to a parent or an adult guardian 24 hours before a flight, and that passengers with disabilities get a seat most suitable for their needs.

Economy passengers who want to choose seats in advance of check in will be able to pay to do this from 1 April 2014 and this will start happening on a route by route basis. From 1 May 2014 customers flying between London and Orlando will be able to pay to choose seats up to 336 days in advance. The cost to assign a seat will be from £25 per person per flight (£50 per round trip) on Virgin Atlantic long haul flights.