From Euro Disney to Disneyland® Paris

Mickey and young Guest at Disneyland Paris

In 1992, Disney magic came to Europe with the opening of Euro Disney, a theme park that would grow to become today's Disneyland® Paris.

The last 20 years have seen more than 250 million visitors step through the gates of Disneyland® Park, and we believe it's just as magical today as it was back then.

Here are some of the milestones along the way...

How It All Began

  • 1987 - Disney signs an agreement with the French authorities to create Euro Disney in France
  • 1992 - Euro Disney welcomes its first visitors
  • 1994 - The resort changes its name from Euro Disney to Disneyland® Resort Paris

More Magical by the Day

  • 1995 - Space Mountain - From the Earth to the Moon (now Space Mountain: Mission 2) takes its first passengers on a thrilling ride
  • 1996 - Eurostar starts running trains direct to Disneyland Paris
  • 1997 - 5th anniversary celebrations take place at the Park. It's a festival of flowers to celebrate springtime

A New Park Opens

  • 2001 - The number of guests visiting Disneyland Paris hits the 100 million mark
  • 2002 - Walt Disney Studios® Park opens alongside Disneyland Park, giving visitors a whole new world to explore
  • 2006 - Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast opens, inspired by Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 2

Let the Celebrations Start!

  • 2007 - Toon Studio opens with larger-than-life rides and the chance to explore the art of Disney animation
  • 2011 - The number of guests who've visited the park hits a record-breaking quarter of a billion
  • 2012 - 20th anniversary celebrations begin, with an amazing nighttime show, and new spectacular parade

20th Anniversary

Find out about our 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Minnie, Donald and Daisy on Disney's 20th Anniversary Celebration Train
Minnie, Donald and Daisy on Disney's 20th Anniversary Celebration Train.